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Albums » Jeremy Davenport - Maybe in a Dream (1997)

Jeremy Davenport - Maybe in a Dream (1997)

Quoted album review by Marcela Breton (~jazztimes)
Davenport is a trumpeter and crooner. His voice is soft, understated, and conversational. He's a darn good trumpeter and the trumpet interludes keep things from getting sappy.

He's backed by the solid, swinging musicianship of Glenn Patscha, piano, Peter Washington, bass, and Gregory Hutchinson, drums. On "Let's Leave," Davenport's vocals are barely distinguishable from those of guest, Diana Krall.

The tunes are mostly in a slow to mid-tempo range. The promo for this release likens Davenport's appeal to that of a young Frank Sinatra. And his good looks are used to advance that appeal with no less than ten different photographs of the boyish Davenport included in the liner notes.

01. A Beautiful Friendship (5:04)
02. I Thought About You (5:29)
03. Maybe in a Dream (4:49)
04. Let's Leave (5:38)
05. Moonglow (4:26)
06. What Ever Happened? (5:48)
07. P.S. I Love You (5:35)
08. Spirit of St. Louis (5:19)
09. You are the One for Me (3:45)
10. A Second Chance (6:12)
11. They Didn't Believe Me (4:42)

Jeremy Davenport - vocals and trumpet
Diana Krall - vocal on "Let's Leave"
Glenn Patscha - piano
Peter Washington - bass
Gregory Hutchinson - drums

Additional Info:
Recorded at Sony Music Studios, Studio D, New York City
Recorded March 11-14, 1997
Recording Producer: Elaine Martone
Recording Engineer: Michael Bishop
Executive Producer: Robert Woods
Technical Assistance: Ryan Hewitt
Editors: Michael Bishop, James Bonney
Piano Technician: John Guttman
Art Director and Cover Design: Skip Bolen at
Photography/Illustration: Skip Bolen Studio

Genre: Straight-Ahead, Standards, Trumpet
Year: 1997
Catalog#: CD-83409


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