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-- I'm a man coming from Türkiye (Turkey)

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--If you're a jazz musician/journalist/painter/photographer/critic/etc. and if you want to participate in this web-site, I'll be very glad - if so; please contact with me including:
+ A biography of yours
+ At least two photos in suitable sizes
+ At least one copyright-free video of yours (if possible)
+ Your web-site address (if present)
+ Your albums, reviews, interviews, etc (if present)
+ 2-3 of your recorded audio tracks
+ all other interesting things about yourself that you want to promote

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-- No harm is aimed to given for anyone/anything within this website - THIS IS IMPORTANT

As it's clear, all media (photos,videos,audios) are for supporting the articles&artists - and I heavily believe that it must be like this way. I mean, let's suppose every photo-video-audio in this site are removed - then probably no-one will want to read any article (including myself) - By hearing/seeing/watching a media about a jazz artist, it'll be more easy&enjoyable to understand/learn the subject or meet the artist.

Just think, you're read something here about the great pianist Oscar Peterson, but you don't know his face any? or you don't have any idea of how he plays the piano?

Also I believe, my posts achieves benefit to the related artist/subject/company,etc. by always giving the needed links in my every post (if forgotten by hurry, just write a comment for me to correct) - however, if you're a content owner of anything in this web-site, and if you really believe that my usage gives harm to you or your material/company, etc; then please contact with me ( - your material will be removed immediately & permanently

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-- Johnny Cage